Customer Communication

Communicating with your customers can be a challenge. Employees with smartphones and their own set of contacts make it difficult for you to track what’s happening. With the Lightspeed CRM you can track all text and email conversations.  

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Increase Profitable Leads
Increase Profitable Leads

Texting allows you to communicate with customers on their grounds.

Encourage Conversations
Encourage Conversations

Follow-up reminders and automated settings ensure communication channels stay active.

Reduce Overhead Costs
Reduce Overhead Costs

Communication tools provide all the resources you need, saving you time and money.

Customer Communication Features

Increase pipeline results by creating consistent communication channels with your customers. You can create multiple channels that are customized for hot leads or the slow drip leads that need nourishment.

Targeted Reporting
Advanced Mailing Lists

Create advanced customer segmented mailing lists and copy them into your email or digital marketing tools.

Campaign Management
Communication Processes

Create follow up chains that allow you to customize the communication process for how you’d like your teams to work with the customers, ensuring that each customer has the appropriate communication chain.

Automated Responses
Automated Text & Email

Specify automatic text or email communication based on your custom triggers, saving your employees the time from having to manually do this work and keeping contact with long cycle leads.

Newsletter Distribution
Every Department

View communication and follow up across all departments, allowing your teams to work together rather than in separate silos.

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