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Set new standards of customer service

Dealerships succeed when customers become regulars. With Customer Relationship Management solutions in place, you’ll not only improve individual experiences but grow your customer base as well.

Do More With CRM Solutions
  • Build a Boat
  • Build a Boat

    Building a boat with a customer can be tough. Manufacturer options, boat specs, dealer options, not to mention price and getting the margins right. With CRM, build a boat is easy and fast allowing your customers to savor the experience of ordering their new boat.

  • Reach Online Leads
  • Reach Online Leads

    Instead of walking into your physical store, leads are visiting your virtual store via your website or other online sources. Internet leads download directly into your CRM allowing you a window of opportunity to increase your sales.

  • Manage your sales process
  • Manage your sales process

    The Lightspeed CRM lets you create and track and manage as many sales and service processes that your business needs. Create follow-up tasks, automated emails or texts to assure that your sales process is being followed and your customers are being contacted. 

    Why Support Your Dealership With CRM Solutions?

    Developing customer loyalty can lead to more business—the more they trust your brand the more likely they are to purchase again. Customer Relationship Management is vital to your dealership’s success. With a quality CRM solution in place, you’ll have the resources necessary to influence success.


    Our CRM can improve the performance of your dealership if you’re struggling with:


    • Building boats

    • Gathering insights from customer histories

    • Collecting valuable customer feedback

    • Retaining current customers

    • Managing more than one location

    • Managing your Sales and Follow Up Processes 

    • Reporting on and assuring all Leads are addressed 

    • Automating and tracking customer communications 

    • Gaining insights to issues in each sales associates sales stages 

    • Bridging the gap between the Sales, Service and Marketing Departments 

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