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Female car dealer
by Kira Pinard-Welyczko |
The Women in Automotive Winter Conference provides an annual opportunity for women in the industry to connect, network and share insights and experiences. This year’s conference focused on themes of growth, mentorship, advocacy, leadership and future opportunity. Insights shared pose questions to women and all leaders in the industry today – How much diversity and representation is enough? Are we moving fast enough? How can women move the needle? Where are there opportunities for the industry to transform? This blog reflects on past insights and presents opportunities to move women and the industry forward, together. Read This Insight
Couple talking to car dealer
by Dave Doff |

Chances are, some of the best experiences you’ve had in your life were personalized just for you. Today’s consumers demand more customized experiences, whether it’s ordering a cup of coffee, planning a vacation, streaming a movie, or buying a car.

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CDK Document Cloud
by CDK Global |
If your dealership is in a constant spiral of backlogged scanning and delays, or dealing with unnecessary fees associated with misfiled documents or reproduction, you may be relieved to know there are document management solutions that can help ease that burden. Read This Insight
Business can no longer live on one connection alone.
by David Stockman |
Continual access to a fast and reliable internet connection has gone from a nice to have to a must-have for dealerships. This need is a foundation for the success of a business. And, I think we can all agree that your business is too important to leave to trusting a spotty connection. You can’t just hope for the best. You have to be on the lookout for a solution that will provide fast and reliable capabilities with plenty of fail-safes built in.  Read This Insight