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Case Studies
by CDK Global |
Paying bills. No one likes doing it, but imagine the responsibility of cutting about 2,500 checks each month — but only after the General Managers and Department Managers have approved every expense — across five stores. More
White Papers
by Colleen Harris |
Google Analytics is a valuable resource for any dealer looking for information on how they are performing. However, it can also be very confusing to navigate. More
White Papers
by CDK Global |

Interestingly enough, the common theme throughout these is not cutting expenses or having the perfect process, it's communication. It's easy to see that without communication you cannot grow.

by Peter Kahn |
Recently, I had an opportunity to discuss dealership goals with a colleague. We can all agree that most, if not all, dealerships are focused on growing revenue, profit, and improving customer satisfaction. But are these the only business metrics that matter? More