Kathy Gilbert
| 25 July 2017

Women in the Dealer Workforce: Where We Are & Where We Can Go

Last week, I had the joy of attending the third Annual Women in Automotive Conference in Orlando, Florida. While there, I shared some research that CDK Global recently published. As women continue to graduate and enter the workforce at increasing rates, we still see them in only 18.6 percent of positions in dealerships. So, we set out to uncover the underlying reasons for the disparity. CDK Global conducted a study and a roundtable survey to better understand the overall experiences of women leaders working in the automotive retail industry. It’s no secret that women make up a small portion of the dealer workforce and turnover among women is high. By not attracting and retaining women in the workforce, dealers are potentially missing out on huge sales opportunities. How can dealers attract women to the industry? What motivates women to stay in the industry, and how have they found success?

Here are four key findings and steps for dealers to attract, retain and develop women to help drive sales.

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Kathy Gilbert
Kathy Gilbert

Kathy Gilbert has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years in various roles of increased significance at CDK Global, Inc. For the last 3 years as Director of Sales and Business Development, she has national responsibility for the minority dealer business, representing over 1,600 customers across the US, generating over $90M in revenues. Kathy is also responsible for building customer advocates and growing CDK’s brand and market share within the women retail business segment, representing over 1,000 customers across the US, generating over $57M in revenues.