by CDK Global | 10 July 2014

What’s the Point of Your Dealership?

You can’t see it …

You can’t hear it …

And you can’t even touch it … but without the right Wi-Fi, you’ll frustrate your customers and limit your employees.

Customers are happier when you complete tasks faster, so the right setup of access points and networking equipment is key to helping your employees be more productive. As more and more business applications, like CRM systems or quoting, credit, servicing and OEM diagnostic tools, are being used in dealerships, the importance of your wireless network is at an all-time high.

Choosing a network or a service provider can be tricky, so we want to point you in the right direction with a few important tips:

  • Site survey – This critical first step should be done with an automotive dealership network professional; your system should be set up to complement the way you do business and be in compliance with OEM requirements
  • Access points – Business-grade access points let you ’connect’ with each other, acting as a single, seamless network
  • Secure – Protect your data and your customers’ data with a high level of encryption and security
  • Permissions – Make sure you can control the amount of network speed or bandwidth that customers vs. employees can have
  • Support – Do not leave yourself vulnerable to outages that could halt dealership activity
  • Tablets – Without a mobile device process and plan, providing technology can be expensive—so having one vendor to order, support, maintain and refresh your devices is essential to keeping your employees up and running

Now, you’ve got the point. A better wireless network is what your dealership needs.

The next step to unlocking your dealership’s true potential is to learn how to use Wi-Fi to enhance your customer communications.