Max Steckler
| 04/30/2018

What could Google’s move to mobile-first web do to your online presence?

In March 2018, Google made a change that could have a major impact on websites and how sites will rank on search engines. Google has begun “mobile-first indexing,” which means it now indexes the mobile version of a site rather than the desktop version of a website as it has done historically.

What does this mean for your website?

Does your dealership prioritize content for the desktop version of your website? If you do, your site may lose visibility in search results once Google indexes the mobile version of your site.

If you’re not sure what this means for your website, ask yourself: does the site content a shopper sees on their desktop screen match the content they see on their mobile phone? If your website has a true responsive design you’re set to benefit from Google’s shift to mobile-first as your content is the same.

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Max Steckler
Max Steckler

Max Steckler is the Vice President of Products at CDK Global. He has a knack for identifying disruptive business opportunities and then -- with the great people around him -- successfully bringing them to market. A thought leader with extensive product leadership experience within the SaaS industry, he excels in guiding the creation, launch and growth of large, profitable products, business lines and strategic partnerships.