Peter Kahn
| 09/22/2016

Want to Put Customers First? Put Mobile First.

When you take your place at the end of the seemingly endless morning line at the coffee shop, what’s the first thing you do? Like many of your fellow line-dwellers, you probably reach for your phone. From news to games to shopping, your phone can make a long wait much less daunting. We are living in an increasingly mobile-first world. More than three-fourths of the U.S. population has a smartphone. They’re bigger, faster and more functional than ever before, making them vital in our everyday lives. If a customer is in need of a tune-up or a new car, that wait time might be spent on your site. However, if your mobile experience doesn’t meet the customer’s needs efficiently, they’ll quickly abandon your site. Our Retail Insights team has done extensive research on digital best practices that will engage and delight customers. Our 2015 national study evaluated hundreds of mobile sites across brands to better understand what the industry is doing and what areas need improvement.


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Peter Kahn
Peter Kahn

Peter Kahn is the Director of Retail Insights at CDK and is tasked with building tools to help dealerships understand the value of Internet-based marketing. With a focus on helping dealers connect with shoppers, Mr. Kahn has built out a team that focuses on the automotive shopper experience as a way of providing actionable insights that will improve shopper satisfaction and dealership profit.