Jason Jewert
| 04/06/2017

The Two “M’s” You Can’t Ignore: “Mobile” and “Millennials”

If you would have told me 10 years ago that everyone would be walking around with screens that allowed them to connect with every person everywhere at any time, I would have told you were crazy. But today that radical idea has become a commonplace reality. People are increasingly mobile — in fact, 77 percent of Americans now have a smartphone.1 But it’s not just a new hip trend anymore; it’s become a differentiating factor for businesses that have been able to adapt. What’s more, the Millennial generation has adopted mobility and come to rely on it. Eighty-seven percent say that their smartphone never leaves their side, day or night.1 Millennials’ habits and their major influence on the market are already having significant impact on the success of businesses— and will continue to do so. So, as marketers, how do you take advantage of this phenomenon? With the convergence of mobile and everyday life, marketers are presented with the golden ticket— a platform that reaches more individuals than ever in an increasingly engaging and targeted way. And what’s more, Millennials are not only one of your most powerful markets, but they also have significant influence over other groups. So how do you adapt to find the most success? Focus on how you can better serve the two “M’s:” Mobile and Millennial.

Be Mobile

• Start with Search

The majority of online interactions with a business begin with a search. “Google it” has become a commonplace command, which highlights the influence search has on finding information and making decisions. Think about your paid search strategy and optimize your website for search to make sure that you’re easily found in a mobile search.

• Leverage Social Media

Though Millennials love their Instagram filters, social media isn’t limited to gimmicky entertainment anymore. All generations are on social networks, and each day social media provides a significant access point into people’s lives. Each day people spend 20 percent of their mobile minutes on Facebook or Instagram.2 Think about how you can leverage paid advertising capabilities on these already prominent platforms.

• Think Video

Streaming video on social networks, streaming services and apps is beginning to overtake traditional TV consumption. As a result, think about how your dealership can allocate effort and investment on this emerging tactic.

• Watch Your Website

If customers are finding you on mobile, make sure the mobile experience from search, social or apps integrates with your website to form a seamless experience. Focus on responsive websites and easily accessible information designed for mobile consumption.

Get With Millennials

• Convenience and Flexibility

Buying a car should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee. Navigating the complexities of buying a car is a lot more difficult than deciding between a venti soy macchiato and a chai tea latte, but Millennials don’t want it to feel like it is. They want to be armed with the information they need to make the decision, and they’ll decide where they buy based on the ease of access to that information.

• Ready for E-commerce

With the rise of Amazon-like purchasing, consumers have come to expect ease and convenience, and buying a car is no different. Seventy-one percent of car buyers already use mobile during the purchase process, and 50 percent of car buyers would consider an online purchase now or in the future. While your dealership doesn’t need to ditch the brick and mortar, thinking about merging e-commerce with your in-store experience is essential. With all the changes in the industry and the challenges of running a dealership you have to worry about, it’s easy to focus on “right now” instead of the future. But if you fail to focus on these emerging trends, Millennials — and eventually everyone else— will be giving a thumbs up to your competition instead of your dealership. Dig deeper into how Millennials and mobile can influence your dealership’s success by listening to the webinar. 1Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report and Pew Research, January, 2017 2 ComScore Key Measures and Mobile Metrix US

Jason Jewert
Jason Jewert

Jason Jewert is a Performance Improvement Consultant recognized for outstanding Area and Dealer relations management and consistently driving results that enhances value for both the dealer and OEM client. His background includes strong Internet technical mastery, metrics analysis, Digital Marketing, problem solving, sales management and excellent verbal and written communication skills.