by CDK Global | 12/28/2017

Top Blogs of 2017

It’s fascinating to look back on the year and see the topics dealers cared most about. If our top blogs tell us anything, we know that Millennials, Fixed Ops and new trends are top of mind. Take a look back at the top 10 blogs of 2017 and start thinking about how you can apply the learnings to make 2018 even better.

1. Generation Now: How Millennials Choose a Vehicle

We know the next generation will have a massive impact on the economy – and our research found that the factors that influence them to buy and how they choose their vehicle differs from their other generations.

2. Top Trends That Will Make or Break Your Dealership

In August, we looked at the top five trends that are shaping the way dealers do business. The way people travel, buy cars, and shop changed dramatically in 2017. We’re anticipating that shift to continue even more in the coming year. tob-blogs-2017

3. Next-Generation Shoppers Need a Next-Generation Website

We talked about websites A LOT in 2017. Whether you hate them or love them, websites are definitely not going anywhere. They’re rapidly becoming more important, and 2018 will be no exception.

4. The Three Big Google Changes You Need to Know About

How people search is changing every day. In 2017, Google went through 3 major changes that affected consumers search habits. Wondering why your business isn’t showing at the top of the Google search page? Reviews, proximity, and details matter more than ever in search results.

5. Three Questions to Ask for Better Service

No new year’s resolution? Make 2018 the year that you improve service customer retention. This blog has the how-to for keeping your customers around, far beyond when their warranties expire.

6. The Two “M’s” You Can’t Ignore: “Mobile” and “Millennials”

Smartphones aren’t going anywhere, and neither are millennials. At least not in 2018. They are the next generation of car buyers that dealers should be focused on. Not sure how to reach millennials or mobile phones? Look no further.

7. Take Back Fixed Ops Customers from Independents

This year, we conducted a dealer study to find out why service customers are turning to independents. This report reveals the company’s findings and suggests how Service departments in dealerships can improve their digital strategies to attract more Service customers. tob-blogs-2017

8. What I Learned at Women in Automotive

This year, we did a lot of research on women and their role in the automotive industry. This is a demographic you don’t want to ignore, and there are still strides to make to create a more inclusive automotive industry.

9. The Words That Matter to Different Shoppers

In the Language of Closers study, we looked at the best words to engage women, Generation X, college students and parents. Each type of person is unique and responds differently to various words. What demographic should we study at next year?

10. How Millennials Choose Cars & Dealerships

In 2017, we helped you solve the Millennial mystery: who are they, where did they come from and what do they want? Still not sure about millennials? Fear not! This infographic explains everything you need to know about selling to millennials.

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