by CDK Global | 01/05/2017

Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Then end of another year is just around the corner. This year has seen a lot of change, and the automotive industry hasn’t been immune. Two-thousand and sixteen was the year mobile and social media rose to the forefront of dealerships’ digital strategies. We saw the industry pivot to focus on the customer experience, and we began to face the question of online car buying. Take a look back through our most popular content of the past year, and imagine how we can build off of them for any even more successful 2017.

1. Are Shoppers Ready to Buy Cars Online?

This year, we began to ask the question: “Are shoppers ready to buy cars online?” Our research found that, in many ways, customers are looking for the car-buying process to begin to move online.

2. Is Your Website “Near” Your Customers?

Adding a simple phrase to your Google listings can make the difference in attracting new customers. Want to know what it is? Read the blog.

3. Keep It Simple & Customer Focused: NADA 2016 Takeaways

NADA 2016 captured many of the industry’s most compelling trends. This blog provides a good refresher on the conference’s key takeaways.

4. Seven Texting Stats You Didn’t Know and Pitfalls to Avoid

Texting isn’t just for teens anymore. We discuss how dealership customers want to be able to text their dealership – and we shared how can help them do it successfully.

5. How to Use Words to Convert Customers

Using the right words in your VDPs and reviews can make all the difference in converting potential customers. Find out what our research taught us.

6. How Do You Drive Online Shoppers Into Your Dealership?

To get customers into your dealership, you have to get their attention online. This infographic breaks down the steps to make it happen.

7. 10 Steps to Increase Traffic to Your Service Bays

A dealership’s Service department is responsible for much of the profit a dealership makes each year. Here are ten ways you can attract more Service customers.

8. How to Crack the SEO Algorithm

Figuring out SEO can feel like trying to break a secret code. One of our SEO specialists breaks it down.

9. Marketing to Hispanics

During Hispanic Heritage month, we analyzed the buying power and habits of Hispanic car shoppers. Check out our findings on this growing demographic.

10. Think Like a Millennial Series

The buzzword “Millennials” may seem overused, but the reality is that their impact on the market is significant. We did a three-part series on how to reach Millennial shoppers.

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