Steve Finlay
| 11/15/2016

Today’s Hackers Use “Soft Approach”

Standing on stage and behind a bank of four computers, former master hacker and ex-con Kevin Mitnick shows how he can break into digital systems to steal data. He makes it look easy during the presentation entitled “Cyber Security: Art of Deception” at the American Financial Services Assn.’s annual Vehicle Finance Conference. Steve Wosniak, an Apple cofounder, introduces him at the conference, saying “He can hack into any system.” For the next hour, Mitnick, who now runs a cybersecurity consulting firm, shows and tells how. But few of his means of entry involve a blunt-force frontal assault. Typically today, with systems as secure as they are, hackers need help to get the job done. And often, the helpers are employees at a place of business who innocently become aiders and abettors.


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Steve Finlay
Steve Finlay

Editor of WardsAuto Dealer Business magazine, Steve writes about automobile dealers and retail practices.