Shane Griffiths
| 10/10/2017

Three Things We Learned About Google Posts

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are a new feature available to Google My Business profiles. It allows businesses to create short posts to promote new products, sales, events, etc. These posts will appear both in Search and Maps on the Knowledge Graph. Posts take up more real estate on the search engine results pages (SERP) and offer an opportunity to deliver special messaging in the SERP that was previously unavailable.

Why Google Posts Matter

A post in the Google Knowledge Graph provides a great opportunity for dealers to funnel searches to a deeper part of their sites right from the SERP. This means you can post a service coupon or vehicle special and people will see it in Google at the moment they search for your dealership. They can click the post to go directly to that special without having to navigate your site to find it. Posts also have the potential to improve click-through rates for branded searches.

We ran a controlled experiment with 22 auto dealers to determine three things:

  • Do Google Posts provide value for dealers?
  • What posts earn the most clicks?
  • What qualitative post factors influence clicks?

Reach Hundreds of Shoppers Daily

For the average dealer, 225 people saw a Google Post each day. That’s a lot of extra exposure without having to tap into your ad budget. Since Google Posts appear directly in the SERPs, they can also provide SEO value. SEO experts can use Google Posts to funnel traffic to a new landing page or another, deeper page of the website.

Numbers Matter

Posts with numbers earn over two times more clicks! This means Posts are a great opportunity to engage searchers with offers, models, prices, discounts, percentages, and other sales figures. We found that posts for service coupons also earn clicks.

Color and Contrast

Colorful images with easily defined subjects earn more clicks. Most of the posts that performed well had images that provided contrast. Use vehicles that are red, blue, yellow, orange, or other bright colors to stand out and grab searchers’ attention. Avoid white, grey, desaturated colors or busy pictures that blend in with the page.

Dealers can reach over 200 people a day with a targeted message using Google Posts. Best of all, they don’t have to increase their ad budget to participate. Posts are a valuable way to promote special offers, new models, service coupons, and more to shoppers before they even reach your site. Earn more clicks by using numbers, colors, and contrast to stand out in the SERP. We anticipate clicks increasing in the next few months as shoppers become more familiar with Posts.

Dealers with CDK PowerSocial can get in on the action early and stay ahead of the competitors! Contact your Account Advocate or PowerSocial Specialist today to set up your Google Post strategy.

Shane Griffiths
Shane Griffiths

Shane Griffiths joined CDK Global in May 2017 as a Search Engine Optimization Analyst. His experience with website design, graphic design, branding, advertising, SEO, social media, email marketing, photography, and video all contribute to his holistic approach to digital marketing. Shane is known for analyzing a marketing situation and designing the most effective and efficient solution possible.