Peter Kahn
| 07/28/2016

Ten Words That Will Help You Close Email Leads

There are a whole slew of articles and books created with the purpose of teaching you how to write the perfect email to get customers to pay attention and take action. They’ll tell you to be prompt, include a strong call to action, use catchy subject lines or include fun graphics. However, when it comes to the meat of what you should say, you have nowhere to turn.

But that’s not the case anymore. As it turns out, the words you use DO matter. In fact, dealerships who have a high email close rate communicate differently than dealerships who have a low close rate. Using sentiment analysis and a cool new field of research called Natural Language Processing, we were able to determine which words contributed to the high or low email close rates.

Those we determined to be “high closers” had an average close rate of 10.9 percent. Those with a low close rate had an average close rate of 1.6 percent.

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Peter Kahn
Peter Kahn

Peter Kahn is the Director of Retail Insights at CDK and is tasked with building tools to help dealerships understand the value of Internet-based marketing. With a focus on helping dealers connect with shoppers, Mr. Kahn has built out a team that focuses on the automotive shopper experience as a way of providing actionable insights that will improve shopper satisfaction and dealership profit.