by CDK Global | 11/25/2015

Taking Advantage of the Holiday Season

You’ve probably already been scheming about how to take advantage of the delicious holiday cookies, the free drinks at the holiday party and the seasonal drinks at the coffee shop, but have you thought about how to take advantage of the holiday season for your dealership? During the holiday season, your customers are practically begging to buy your cars. Websites, provided by CDK Global, saw visits increase by 24 percent during the holiday season last year (October through December 2014) and is currently up by 26% compared to this time last year1. In addition, new car sales are predicted to “set a record for new car sales this year, surpassing 2000’s 17.4 million sales2.” With customers ready to buy, how can you position your dealership for the most success?

Spruce up your website

Your websiteis the first touch point for most of your customers. Start with the basics: is your inventory updated? Can visitors easily contact you? Once you’ve established the basics, start thinking about the season. Share your holiday deals prominently on your site so they can’t miss them. Update your photos to show your vehicles in a festive light; a car with a bow, driving around in snow or your dealership decorated for the season.

Take advantage of manufacturer promotions and incentives

Manufacturers are revamping their holiday campaigns to entice consumers, and you can ride that wave. Iconic campaigns like VW’s Sign Then Drive and Lexus’ December to Remember are just a few examples of previous campaigns that leveraged the holiday spirit to sell cars. You can piggyback off of campaigns like these to amplify your holiday impact.

Create a targeted holiday marketing plan

Every dealer can create a targeted marketing plan to reach their local audiences in a meaningful and “joyful” way. As the season begins, map out your promotions for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s and any other holidays that fit your dealership audience. Tie in creative elements that celebrate the season; add some red and green, snowflakes or Santas to your marketing or social sites. Be intentional about how you’re bringing the season into selling. If you need a bit of help on the creative side, we’ve got holiday advertising packages and social media management tool just waiting to be opened… err, used. Increasing dealership exposure during high-activity holiday months is the best way to increase holiday sales and fill your sales funnel for success early in 2016. Though it’s not the reason for the season, you might as well take advantage of all of the holiday cheer for your dealership. To learn more about how to take advantage of the holiday season, reach out to your CDK Digital Solutions Managers. Learn more about CDK solutions. 1. CDK Business Intelligence 2. Detroit News

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