Jim Foote
| 28 July 2016

Someone Created Fake Wi-Fi Networks at the RNC — and it Could Affect Your Dealership

During the convention, security researchers with Avast Software set up fake Wi-Fi networks to try and hack unsuspecting attendees. During their experiment, more than 1,200 people connected and 70 percent of those exposed their identities while on the networks. Luckily, defending yourself or your dealership against these similar attacks isn’t difficult; you just have to be aware.

Almost every dealership now offers free Wi-Fi in their Service departments, so ask yourself: is your network set up to protect the identities of your customers?

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Jim Foote
Jim Foote

Jim Foote is the Chief Business Security Officer at CDK Global and a recognized thought-leader in retail automotive information security. He has 25 years of high tech experience and expertise. Jim has been the driving force behind many changes within CDK and throughout the automotive retail industry.