Von D. Galt
| 05/25/2016

Should Your Dealership Be On Social Media?

Yes! In the early days of the Internet, it was enough for brick and mortar companies to have a website as an online storefront. Now, a new trend is happening—it’s moving onto social media. The auto manufacturers are making it a priority to engage with customers through social media, and that initiative is carried through to the dealership level. Many car dealerships are adding social media as part of their marketing mix to engage with their customers and their community. In essence, the automotive industry is following shoppers and wants to stay in front of them where they spend most of their time consuming information. Yet, how do business owners know social media is a legitimate and important space to market to customers? Here are some reasons why your dealership should be using social media to reach potential customers.

Top Reasons Why Dealers Should Use Social Media

  • A variety of social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ allow dealers to reach different audiences with different content. (i.e. specials, community outreach, industry news, inventory updates, etc.)
  • Mobile! It’s a rapidly growing medium that’s outpacing the time spent on laptops. Your customers are on social while they’re in your dealership, in fact, 58% of consumers used their mobile phones while shopping in store. If you’re not there to meet them online as well as in person, you could be missing huge opportunities to elevate your brand and make the sale.
  • Social media is used by anyone 18 – 65+ years of age. This includes men and women, all household incomes, all population density, all education levels, and all races. It’s not just for Millennials!
  • Unlike a newspaper ad or billboard, most social media sites have analytics that measure the demographics, usage, reach, engagement, fan growth of your audience. Understanding your analytics can narrow your focus to optimize campaigns and focus on the metrics that matter to your business.

Don’t be left behind trying to keep up with other dealerships that have cornered the market with local fans. These valid reasons are solid indicators to why you should be using social media to stay in front of your current and potential clients. This channel of communication is constantly evolving as consumer online behavior changes. Using social media can be a useful tool to stay top of mind with your customers, build loyalty, and potentially communicate to very segmented audiences. What are you doing on social media to drive customer engagement? Share what has worked for your dealership below! If you need help, reach out to one of our automotive social media specialists for reporting, strategy or just some fresh ideas!

Von D. Galt
Von D. Galt

Von D. Galt joined CDK in April 2008 as an Account Advocate on the GM team and became a Social Media Specialist in August 2011. Her artistry is practiced in her wedding floral business, which allows her to create custom flowers for weekend weddings and she is a self-published author on Amazon. In her free time, she likes to oil paint, spend time with her dog, her husband, and her 1- year old daughter, Sammie.