by CDK Global | 04/02/2016

Shoppers May Be Ready to Buy Cars Online

The world has changed.

Maybe you noticed. We buy groceries online, clothes that we’ve never tried on show up on our doorstep, and MTV is… well, that happened a while ago. But, in the automotive retail industry the question we want to answer is: will significant numbers of shoppers truly buy cars online – without seeing them first? It looks like the answer is “not yet.”

That’s because for most of us a car is more than a means of transportation — it’s an emotional connection, too. Have you ever forgotten the password to your email and had Gmail ask you for the make and model of your first computer or TV or pair of socks? No. Our cars are different. We like to feel them, touch them, sit in them and smell them — we don’t do that with our socks. Shoppers tend to agree. In fact, when asked what they would miss if they purchased a car directly online, their top two answers were the test drive (66 percent) and reviewing the models in person (51 percent). Still, as much as we love our cars, nothing worth having comes easy. Most shoppers are unenthusiastic about buying a car from the dealership. But why? Test driving new cars is fun. Getting treated like a big shot is also fun. And, imagining yourself cruising in that nice smelling, shiny new toy is very fun. Still, in their Car Buyer of the Future Study, Autotrader said that only 17 of the 4,000 shoppers they surveyed prefer the current car buying process. So, what gives?



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