Roswell Nissan
by CDK Global | 08/17/2018

Roswell Nissan: Every Minute Counts

A new CDK Website solution increased the most valuable metric of all: time

Roswell Nissan in New Mexico faces some stiff competition from other dealers in the state, but it’s not the kind of competition you might expect. Roswell Nissan is a member of the Krumland Auto Group, which owns and operates seven dealerships across the Land of Enchantment. All seven dealers are friendly rivals.

Given such close competition, literally every minute counts for Marketing Director Staci Lehman and her colleagues. At Roswell Nissan, they are taking advantage of a new website hosted and managed by CDK Global to be more agile and efficient than ever.

In late 2017, CDK announced that it had been named the preferred provider in the Nissan Dealer Website program for all franchised U.S. dealerships. CDK and Nissan teamed up to offer an integrated solution for dealers that includes personalization features to deliver a relevant shopping experience to car shoppers, the ability for dealers to offer online retailing that begins the deal-building process and search engine optimization (SEO) tools to connect dealerships with in-market shoppers.

"It was done right on time, and it was an extremely easy transition. I've had some pretty challenging experiences with [prior solutions providers], but with CDK it was a seamless process."
Staci Lehman, Marketing Director
Krumland Auto Group

Just a few months after the announcement, Roswell Nissan’s new website was up and running. Lehman was impressed by how smoothly CDK implemented the new site. “It was done right on schedule, and it was an extremely easy transition,” she said. “I’ve had some pretty challenging experiences [with prior solutions providers], but with CDK it was a seamless process.”

Lehman especially appreciates the fact that CDK was able to leverage all the SEO work that had gone into Roswell Nissan’s previous website with the new site. Working with past solutions providers, Lehman saw her SEO strategy practically annihilated when moving from one site host to another; web traffic plummeted as a result. But because of the savvy integration work on the new site, she saw no significant drop in traffic.

Lehman has also been impressed by the service and support she has received from CDK. She works closely with her Account Advocate, Courtney Canute, who seems to have become a true extension of Lehman's own team at Roswell Nissan. "She is absolutely amazing! I wish I had one of her at every single one of my brands."

Lehman also acknowledges how instrumental CDK has been in training her and her colleagues on how to maximize different features of Roswell Nissan’s website, which is more technologically advanced that the prior site. For example, when the dealer uploads new slides to the hero rotator on the website, Lehman can input very detailed keywords to improve SEO and drive more vehicle shoppers to the dealership. CDK not only initially trained Lehman on this, but they also recorded the session on video and gave it to her. Now she can easily refer back to it when she has a question.

At the end of the day, Lehman has gained numerous efficiencies that have increased her most valuable resource: time “Whenever you’re in a position like mine, there never seems to be enough time,” she says. “From designing a web ad, to making sure it’s compliant and uploading it can take several hours on my end. I have seen CDK complete this task in 20 minutes time! It is unreal how proficiently they operate.”

With CDK on the case, Lehman now has the time to make her dealership more successful. “Imagine what you could do in your department with extra time in your day. Time is the world’s most valuable commodity.”