Sunshine Chevrolet: Real-World Dealers, Real-World Results
by CDK Global | 3 January 2019

Sunshine Chevrolet: Real-World Dealers, Real-World Results

See how CDK Global helped optimize digital advertising strategies for Sunshine Chevrolet, and how we can help your dealership.

The situation

Every day, dealers are faced with connecting shoppers to vehicles in their inventory. This can make balancing the perfect mix of spend across traditional and digital media feel like a never-ending challenge. In addition, traditional media often requires users to cast a wide net just to reach a small number of shoppers actually looking to buy — and it’s hard to quantify the impact of these efforts.


Digital media can help. Sunshine Chevrolet Principal Kristy Elliott decided to change her traditional media approach and focus solely on digital advertising. While this fresh approach was welcomed, she quickly realized that she would need help from experienced professionals in the automotive space.


The solution

Sunshine Chevrolet and CDK hit the ground running. They set up monthly meetings to pinpoint inventory needed for program support, review current OEM incentives and decide on strategies. This process is key to successfully addressing new challenges as they arise.

“With help from CDK, we’ve been able to really manage our spend in a smart way.”

Kristy’s dealership also leaned on CDK to help dial in their targeting. Initially, Sunshine’s digital targeting was only based on a mile-radius approach. This was somewhat limiting because Sunshine’s market stops at the South Carolina border — only 20 miles from their location. Instead, CDK tailored Kristy’s plan to target by county. This provided a huge jump in metrics and made a large impact compared to other dealers’ — as well as to the automotive space overall.

the solution

The result

By leveraging the expertise from CDK, Sunshine Chevrolet has improved their digital cost management structure and is getting a much bigger bang for their buck. The dealership’s overall impression share went from 65 percent to 78 percent in just one quarter. This is a 20 percent increase in a very short period of time, and it’s still climbing. Kristy provided a specific example of inventory that her dealership was looking to move.