by CDK Global | 01/03/2019

Notbohm Motors: Real-World Dealers, Real-World Results

Discover how CDK Global worked with Notbohm Motors to optimize digital advertising strategies in a dynamic marketplace.


The situation

Getting the right vehicle in front of the right customer, at the right time, is challenging in and of itself. But add in ever-changing OEM incentive programs, leasing options and customers who use multiple devices and move around online, and matching dealer promotions to inventory becomes even more complicated. As owner of Notbohm Motors, Chuck Notbohm experienced this challenge firsthand. His highly competitive and advanced marketplace required a nimble and personalized approach to digital advertising, and so he turned to CDK Global for help.


The solution

Notbohm Motors partnered with CDK for a solution. After discussing Notbohm’s market and his challenges, his digital advertising analyst recommended strategic solutions to move inventory and make the most out of incentives. Chuck’s dealership now stays in sync with monthly planning and strategy calls, and follow-ups to adjust tactics based on special promotions, limited incentives or new inventory.

“The CDK team does not waste your time. Calls are precise and CDK is prepared. I value the fact that there are many others things to do in the day. CDK has done their homework. They know your inventory and current OEM incentives. That’s why their recommendations are crisp, clear, to the point.”

In addition, Chuck and his team utilize a multichannel approach and leverage the CDK budget optimization system (BOS). The BOS adjusts bids and budgets in real time, maximizing spend and visibility across multiple channels such as Bing, Google, display ads and retargeting, driving more shoppers to Notbohm’s site. By using this approach, shoppers can find the exact model that Chuck has in his inventory, while Chuck’s dealership creates overall awareness and connects to shoppers lower in the funnel.


The result

By tapping into Digital Advertising solutions from CDK, Chuck moved his dealership’s target inventory.

“In one month of the program, we were able to move 30 of the 31 targeted Silverado trucks in inventory.”

Chuck’s success didn’t stop there. Inventory searches, phone leads, email leads and dealer traffic have increased due to Chuck’s highly creative and tailored ads — which are consistently applied across all channels. Not only has this increased traffic resulted in Chuck selling more target vehicles, but it also added in quality leads and engagement that helped Chuck successfully convert “on the fence” shoppers to different inventory.