by CDK Global | 01/27/2015

The New Keys to Closing Your Most Profitable Customers

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Join CDK Performance Improvement Consultant Rob Campbell to see how your dealership can make real-time investments in your most profitable audiences and harness the power of personalization to close more of your customers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your audience in real-time and align your targeting & marketing investments with your business goals
  • Create & deliver a 1:1 customized shopping experience that is proven to connect your customers to your brand, and the right car
  • Specifically leverage dynamic personalization & suggestive selling (think Amazon!) to drive online engagement with your most profitable vehicles
  • Gain real insights into the content, creative & positioning that best engage & convert browsers to buyers

The choice to manage your target audience & personalize their experiences is a choice that you deserve. Watch today to find out how focusing on the customers who make you the most money will help your dealership combat compressed margins & put you back in control of the shopping experience.