Tony Graham
| 09/20/2016

Marketing to Hispanics


When it comes to buying power, and specifically buying power in the automotive industry, Hispanics hold considerable weight. In 2015 we saw the biggest sales year the industry has ever seen, and Hispanics alone accounted for 35% of new vehicle sales. Not to mention, the Hispanic population continues to grow, a projected 31% of the US population by 2060, so focusing on marketing to the Hispanic population is essential to the future success of your dealership.



Hispanics are extremely digitally savvy, and that includes being highly mobile. On average, they spend 2.3 hours a day using internet on a mobile phone, compared to 1.3 hours for Non-Hispanic internet users. Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile and you think about mobile advertsing in order to make the best connection.

Visual with Video

Hispanics spend nearly twice as much time on mobile video than the total population – so it’s a no-brainer that video should be the cornerstone to your online strategy. Provide high-quality videos on your social media sites, share video ads from your OEM and film reviews of your vehicles for your website.

Prioritize Social

Social media is a non-negotiable part of your marketing strategy if you’re looking to reach Hispanic shoppers – they have the highest social network user penetration of any race or ethnicity. They might also cause you to push outside your comfort zone, as their preferred networks are Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram. Think creatively about how you can showcase your dealership and your cars in a visual and engaging way.

Watch Your Rep

Half of Hispanic shoppers ranked advice from friends and families as an important factor in their decision making. You can manufacture a trusted community of opinions by encouraging your customers to post Yelp or Facebook reviews and featuring them on your website. In addition, Hispanic shoppers care about the reputation of your dealership and your brand. Be sure to highlight your community involvement and promote positive interactions with your OEM brand on your website and social media sites.

Spread the Word

Texting, emailing and instant messaging are all prime ways to get in touch with a Hispanic shopper, as they spend more time on those activities than their non-Hispanic counterparts. Speak their language – literally. Translate your email or text messages to Spanish and, if you work in a highly Hispanic area, hire a Spanish-speaking salesperson to make your shoppers feel at home. Make sure the Spanish you use is accurate in its messaging and not just literal translations.

As Hispanics gain more influence in the success of the automotive market, dealers have more responsibility to meet them in their preferred channels. If you master the Hispanic market by prioritizing digital, managing your reputation and communicating effectively, your dealership will be positioned for years of success.

Read more about how to win Hispanic shoppers in the white paper “Hispanic Car Buyers Matter –¬ Now More Than Ever Before.”

Tony Graham
Tony Graham

As Chief Customer Experience Officer, Tony is responsible for strengthening the connection between CDK Global and our customers. Tony acts as the voice of the customer to both our consumer-facing and dealer-facing products. In addition to this role, he also serves as Vice President, Regional General Manager Central Region, DASH and Minority Dealer Business and is a member of the CDK Corporate Responsibility Council.