Sarah Roberts
| 03/04/2016

Make Your Website Matter

Does your website have the right message? When I talk to dealers, I often hear, “How do I get the most out of my website?” and “How do I increase consumer engagement?” These are big, vague, questions. To narrow it down perhaps the questions to start with are, “What does my homepage say to my customers? Is it relevant for my visitors?” and “Does my homepage fit with my strategy?” Blurb graphicKeep it fresh
Shoppers won’t spend much time on your lot if something doesn’t catch their eye. So, why would they stay on your website if it they can’t find what they need quickly? You have about eight seconds to grab a shopper’s attention before they move on.1 Keeping your homepage up to date with the information your shoppers are looking for provides them with the best possible experience. It is your first impression and opportunity to connect the customer with content that grabs them, which increases the likelihood they will call or submit an email lead to your dealership.

How do you turn visitors into customers?


Figure out what matters to your shoppers
Take some time to review your website analytics – specifically how are people engaging with your website. Review them regularly to determine which pages on your site and which inventory are getting the most interactions. Does it align with your strategy? Are there any surprises? Analytics can give you insight into which vehicles people are interested in, if they are looking for special offers, and even which lead forms they are filling out. This information can give you a picture of how shoppers are using your site, which you can use to develop a plan to help them find information more easily. If you find they aren’t interacting where you anticipated, it might be time to reevaluate your website plan. Blurb graphicNow make a plan
Beautiful banner images might seem best, but studies have shown that a personalized experience increases engagement. Now that you know which models and pages visitors are interested in, what do you do about it? Using the insight gained from analytics, refresh your homepage each month with custom images that align to your message and strategy. Take the time to think about the message for each of your focus models and profit centers. For instance, if there’s a lot of interest in a specific model, make sure that vehicle has a specific message and image on your homepage highlighting its offers and features. If your specials page is a top viewed page, make it easy to navigate to from your homepage. Frame your homepage around the customer’s needs and you’ll succeed. Make it happen
You know what they want and you have your plan. Now it’s time to make it happen. Work closely with your website designers to make sure they know your short and long-term goals. As each month ends, review your analytics, reevaluate your focus and communicate it to your website team. If you don’t understand what the analytics are telling you, one of our ProCare Account Advocates can help you understand the data and apply a strategy that will work for you.


Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is an Account Advocate for CDK Global website solutions. She has been in the marketing/advertising field for 12 years helping clients communicate their message through events, advertising and their websites. Outside of work, she enjoys swimming, backpacking, and volunteering with Purrfect Pals, an organization that works to home cats and kittens in the Seattle area.