Alyson Sharron
| 11/22/2016

Make a List: Check it Twice

The holiday season is upon us and it’s no surprise that you need to start thinking about sales promotions and advertising campaigns in order to capitalize on shoppers’ holiday cheer. And expectations are high; no matter the OEM, dealers are sure to see a spike in sales this season. In 2015, December sales rose 9 percent as compared to the rest of the year. Luxury brands like Cadillac and Infiniti saw a drastic increase in sales: 24.5 percent and 25.7 percent respectively. Shoppers are definitely out in force during the holiday season, but if you don’t prepare, you won’t feel the full effect of the holiday sales spree. Here are a few ways to bump your bottom line come December.

Say Hello to SEO

Last year, Google saw a 21 percent1 increase in automotive search traffic during the holidays. As more people are out there searching, you want to make sure your dealership is benefitting from those extra queries. Put additional focus on your search strategy. Google allows your business to put in holiday hours – be sure to update this so your customers don’t miss you.

Prep Your Promos

According to Google, 88 percent of retailers started their promos the first week of November.2 If you haven’t started sharing your promotions yet, then the time is now. And just like a kid wants to make sure that everyone knows EXACTLY what they want for Christmas, it’s important to make sure your holiday messaging gets in front of potential customers. Work with your digital advertising partner to make sure you’re getting the boost you need. And this year, if you advertise with us, we have an early Christmas gift from Google!

Boost the Brand

OEM’s know the significance of the holiday season and plan coordinated campaigns to boost brand awareness and drive sales. Iconic campaigns like Volkswagen’s Sign Then Drive and Lexus’ December to Remember give dealers a foundation for creating strong advertising. Take advantage of your OEM’s campaigns by working with a digital advertising partner who automatically coordinates your holiday campaigns with your OEM’s. For car dealers, the holiday season isn’t the time to kick back and relax. It’s the time to sell, sell, sell. You can take your well-earned time off after hauling in that big pile of cash. 1 Google: Global data, Jan-Dec 2015 and US auto industry sales figures. 2 CDK Business Intelligence, 2014.



Alyson Sharron
Alyson Sharron

Alyson has senior-level product management and product marketing experience delivering SaaS CRM and digital marketing solutions to market. She has demonstrated ability identifying and quantifying market opportunities, and researching and understanding the competitive landscape.