Kris Denos
| 18 April 2016

Make Life Easier in Sales and F&I

When people outside the industry ask me what CDK Global does I usually try to tell them that, in a nutshell, we provide software for dealers to run their entire business. From retail sales at the counter to accounting in the back office and everything in between, our software takes care of it. In reality, that is a huge understatement because our company does so much more. 

And even if we narrow it down to just the software, it is still a huge understatement – a dealer management system (DMS) does so much for every dealer. Imagine what life would be like without a system to manage it all. A DMS system in your dealership can help every department. Here are a few ways a DMS can make life easier and positively affect General Management, Sales, Marketing, and F&I.

Sales & Marketing

We make customer communications easy

Are you still calling customers when their special order is in? Why would you when our system will do it automatically for you? Calling to notify a customer that their unit is ready for pick up? Why not email them, and include a copy of the repair order so they are ready to go when they get there? And you should be emailing customers their parts receipts. Nobody wants to keep track of paper anymore. And in the process, you get another way to tell your customers why they should come to visit you more often. Give your counter people an incentive to collect email addresses and you would be surprised how much customer loyalty you can build. 

We make it easier to match customers with the units they are looking for

Whether it is a customer already in your store or a customer you are trying to get into the store, our CEM can help your sales staff match a customer’s wants/needs with your inventory. For in-store customers, it can help you with every step of the sales process, from initial lead intake to after-sale follow-up. For your existing customer base, this includes digital marketing around what they own, whether it was purchased from you or not, and the ability to monitor how successful each of your campaigns is in terms of new lead creation.


We allow you to see if you should take the deal.  With a simple red/green indicator (called Margin Protection) in the sales deal, you can easily tell whether you’re selling above or below your minimum profit margin.

We make printing sales forms easier.  With over 9000 forms in our library, eForms allows you to print LAW, WKFS forms, and more. If you are still messing around with multi-part forms and impact printers, there is a better way in 2016 – dump that old printer and make the move to laser!

We make managing customer credit easy.  If you aren’t shopping your customers’ credit you are probably missing out on opportunities to finance customers and to participate in finance margin. Our integration with 700Credit gives you an easy way to check credit from within the system, and the compliance dashboard makes staying on top of requirements as easy as it can be. Plus, our dealers get discounts on credit reports and compliance products.  Win-win!

General Management

We make it easier to see how your entire business is doing.  The new Daily Operating Report (DOC Report) gives an owner or GM instant answers to the most important questions: How am I doing today/this month/ this year vs. prior year and vs. target in each department and overall. This is all accessible from inside LightspeedEVO or on your mobile device using the Lightspeed app.

If you are not using LightspeedEVO in your dealership, I invite you to take it for a test drive. We'll give you a demo and work with you to see if LightspeedEVO is the best fit for your dealership.

Kris Denos
Kris Denos

Kris Denos is the VP/GM of CDK Recreation. Once described as a “Drake Executive” (Started from the Bottom), Kris has performed just about every job in the company in his 20+ years with CDK Recreation. He has a passion for customer service, problem solving, learning, teaching, and winning. Outside of work he enjoys coaching and playing football and basketball, and spending time with his #1 priority – his family.