by CDK Global | 4 May 2017

Learn How to Increase Service Sales — Easily

Ror more than 85 years, the Service Advisors and Technicians at Michigan-based Van Andel & Flikkema Motor Sales began work the old-fashioned way: by generating repair orders off a desktop PC and hand-shuffling papers from point A to point B before beginning inspection. After all, what were the options?

There’s one now. CDK Inspect — a component of CDK Service — fully automates inspections and streamlines the process of selling additional work. “I’d say that we’ve noticed a 10 to 15 percent increase in sales since we implemented CDK Inspect,” says Ty Yow, service manager. “Easily.”

That’s partly because the inspection performed by the Technicians follows a transparent, automated process that often reveals opportunities to tell customers about additional work they should consider. Using an oil change order as an example, Yow explains how CDK Inspect works.

“One of the two Technicians electronically pulls up the RO, and they both start the free 16-point inspection that we do on every car,” explains Yow. His team checks things such as fluid levels or tire treads and marks them green (fine), yellow (not critical yet but getting that way) or red (should be addressed immediately). For anything yellow or red, the system automatically generates an additional service request (ASR). “Then the final inspection report pops up on the Service Advisor’s screen,” says Yow.

Did You Know?

46 percent of customers say yes to additional work if they’re asked.

While the Technicians change the vehicle’s oil, the Service Advisor consults with the customer and explains the findings.

If the customer approves the additional service, the advisor notes that accordingly on an iPad® or computer.

“The Technician is then alerted that the additional work was approved, which also triggers a request from the Parts department. By the time the Technician heads to the counter to pick up the part, it’s already been pulled and is sitting there, waiting,” notes Yow.

When the Technicians finish the oil change and other work, the order is marked complete. And because CDK Service is integrated with their CDK Drive Dealer Management System, the repair order is automatically updated, which eliminates the need to enter the data twice. (CDK Drive is also new to Van Andel & Flikkema. The store had recently dismissed an underperforming vendor after “we finally just had enough. So we invited other providers to show us demos, and CDK Global outshined everyone,” recalls Yow.)

In addition to increased sales, Yow says that CDK Inspect helped improve shop efficiency too. “The Technicians are able to spend more time in their bays working on cars, rather than standing at the Parts counter waiting for estimates.”

Customers enjoy the full-color inspection report as well, which includes photos that show the areas on the vehicle that need repair, in addition to visuals that explain more complicated work.

“Customers love this more automated process. Let’s face it; people today are accustomed to iPads and technology. But to see it in use in a dealership while their car is getting serviced? They think that’s really cool. But most importantly, it provides a better customer experience. We’re greeting customers at their vehicles; they’re receiving efficient and professional service, and they always know what’s going on with their vehicle,” observes Yow. “And to us, that translates into repeat business.”

"I’d say that we’ve noticed a 10 to 15 percent increase in sales since we implemented CDK Inspect, easily."
— Ty Yow
Service Manager
Van Andel & Flikkema Motor Sales


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