Tess Karesky
| 06/06/2016

The Language of Closers

The rise of online communication has opened many doors, but it can also be stressful and difficult to navigate. Email and text messaging allow businesses to communicate with individual consumers at scale. But, thoughtful responses take time and consideration, and boilerplate emails are recognizably impersonal to shoppers. Dealers know that a slow response to a lead is as good as losing the lead - the faster the response time, the more likely the shopper is to engage. What’s not so black and white is just what to say in that response. So, what language turns a car shopper from a lead to a buyer? At CDK Global, we have been asking just that question. We used sentiment analysis and natural language processing, fields of computer science, to assess thousands of dealer email responses in an effort to determine what language is likely to drive shoppers towards a new car. Our study revealed what email content the high closers are using to bring customers in and what content from low closers may be driving customers away. We’ve also created a quick guide that includes real world examples of how your dealership can start using “The Language of Closers” today.
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Tess Karesky
Tess Karesky

Tess Karesky is a Marketing Research Specialist at CDK Global providing insights and thought leadership to drive the industry forward. She has researched the behaviors and habits of Millennial, luxury, Hispanic and female shoppers, in addition to other consumer groups. Her findings include insights into optimizing web content, reputation, advertising, sales and service experience, and customer retention. Her research has been presented to automotive executives at Lexus, Audi, Nissan, Infiniti and GM, as well as industry events including the Driving Sales Most Valuable Insight award. She feels strongly in the value of quality, engaging research that provides actionable insights. She can be reached at