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Colleen Harris
| 27 September 2018

Introducing CDK Google Analytics Best Practices

Google Analytics has proven to be a key tool in helping dealerships understand digital marketing data and website engagement. With Google Analytics, a dealer can access massive amounts of data about how people found their site, interactions with the site, and the outcomes from those interactions. This data helps dealerships make smarter decisions with their digital budget.

In 2017, CDK Global announced their commitment to supporting the PCG Google Analytics Specification for automotive dealers. Dealers using the PCG specifications will easily be able to compare the performance of vendors and tools.

For some dealerships, Google Analytics is still a new concept. It’s thought that up to 90% of dealers do not have Google Analytics configured properly. To help address the needs of those dealers, CDK has created a Google Analytics best practices document. We’ve designed this guide to help dealers use Google Analytics to understand their CDK site. Google Analytics opens up data for a dealership, but figuring out how to interpret that data can be confusing. With the CDK Google Analytics guide, anyone at a dealership can start to navigate through — and understand — website data and dealership KPIs.

Learn how to set up your Google Analytics account, and see what tools you can use to make sure Google Analytics is passing data properly. We’ve created segments for your Google Analytics account to easily look at vehicle search results and vehicle details traffic. We’ve also provided guidance tools for tracking KPIs, such as Hours and Directions visits and form submits. Finally, we've provided some best practices for using the UTM parameters on links, so third-party vendor traffic can be bucketed automatically in Google Analytics.

Download the CDK & Google Analytics Best Practices guide. If you have other questions about Google Analytics or your CDK website, contact your account team or salesperson today!

Colleen Harris
Colleen Harris

Colleen Harris is a Product Manager for Business Intelligence at CDK Global and has more than 13 years of digital marketing experience in the automotive, healthcare and entertainment industries. She brings a passion for link building and content creation, and has been referred to here at CDK as the “Google Whisperer." Outside of CDK, Colleen has volunteered as a digital consultant for non-profits in the Seattle area.