Kris Denos
| 20 April 2016

Improving Parts & Service in Your Dealership

Your dealership, large or small, is complex and has many moving pieces that all need to be tracked, managed, monitored, and reported on. The DMS has to handle that complexity and simplify it as much as possible. There is a significant challenge in simply keeping track of everything you do in your business. That is where many dealer management systems will fall short.

This is just the starting point for providing the next level of functionality. At the end of the day, the DMS should be doing two things for you:

  1. Making things easier
  2. Providing you with timely information to help you make intelligent business decisions

I could talk about both topics at length, but in this post, I will just focus how Lightspeed can have lasting positive effects in your Parts and Service departments and ultimately make life easier. In another post, I focus on the Sales, Marketing, and F&I departments.


We make it easy to find the part you are looking for.

We have 35 OEMs and distributors on our Parts Locator, and the list keeps growing. You can see at a glance if another dealer has the part, or if the OEM or distributor has it, and if so which warehouse – all designed to help you get the customer what they need as fast as possible and out having fun again.

We make it easy to find accessories you’re looking for

Our integration with ARI AccessorySmart puts all accessory data at your fingertips and means that every dealership employee can be an expert in fitment – without the long delays associated with going through big paper catalogs.


We make it easy to write up a Repair Order

Our mobile service check-in allows a service writer the ability to quickly check a customer in – capturing customer and unit info, pictures, notes, and attaching standard jobs - all from your mobile device. You get the customer in and out quickly – making them happier and you more efficient.

Our integration with Service Manager Pro means that you can access OEM flat rates quickly and easily right from within the RO. The next phase of this integration will include all parts associated with the repair, so with a few clicks, you have everything you need to quote a customer accurately and get your technicians turning wrenches.

To circle back around, having a DMS in your dealership can improve your efficiencies. Having the right DMS like LightspeedEVO will not only do that, but it will make things easier for you and the employees in the dealership.

Kris Denos
Kris Denos

Kris Denos is the VP/GM of CDK Recreation. Once described as a “Drake Executive” (Started from the Bottom), Kris has performed just about every job in the company in his 20+ years with CDK Recreation. He has a passion for customer service, problem solving, learning, teaching, and winning. Outside of work he enjoys coaching and playing football and basketball, and spending time with his #1 priority – his family.