by CDK Global | 16 November 2017

Improve Your Customer Experience Online. Integrate Your Website and Lightspeed®EVO DMS

More and more consumers make buying decisions before they even walk through your doors. Two-thirds of shoppers are "web-rooming" — using dealer websites like showrooms.

Is your online experience as satisfying as your showroom experience? Seventy-five percent of consumers expect a consistent experience, however, they engage with your dealership. It's crucial for recreation dealers to provide this consistency. If not, you risk losing your customers to a competitor. In fact, 89 percent of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

We're constantly striving to help recreation dealers work smarter — not harder — to provide a superior customer experience.

One way to provide such an experience is to ensure your inventory online matches what's on your sales floor. We partnered with ARI to create a feature we call Pro Level Integration (PLI) to help make this task easier. Additionally, we have third-party integration agreements (3PA)that allow dealers to automatically feed their inventory information to their website providers.

We've outlined the features and capabilities of each of these features below, to help you quickly and easily provide your shoppers with an up-to-date shopping experience.

Pro Level Integration (PLI) Features:

Streamlined MU Inventory Entry: You can now enter a VIN or Year/Make/Model description, and pull unit details directly from a large database — complete with unit specification and MSRP pricing. With a few clicks, you can list a large number of details in your inventory.

Real-time updating of inventory on the website: By clicking a single checkbox, you can post unit details to your website—with all pertinent web price and description details. You can also quickly remove units from your website once they've sold.

Update Inventory Photos From Your Website: Add both stock and actual product photos to the inventory record from your website. This allows a single point of entry for photos and allows them to be accessed from multiple locations.

Automatic feed to third-party inventory posting sites: After you enter unit details, all you have to do is click the third-party inventory posting sites that you subscribe to and the unit will be automatically posted to their sites. This includes the Trader sites and LotVantage — which includes Craigslist, eBay and more.


Third-Party Agreement (3PA) Integration Features:

Real-time inventory updates: The 3PA integration allows you to feed your inventory from your LightspeedEVO system to your website provider. The feed works in real time. However, each website provider may update on a different schedule, based on your agreement.

  • This feed includes the data tables within the MU Inventory.
  • This feed does not include the attachments within the MU Inventory.
  • This feed is a one-way push, and does not allow the website provider to push information back.