Max Steckler
| 25 January 2018

How to Engage “Ready to Buy” Shoppers

Roughly 29 percent of today’s shoppers are likely buyers3. So, how do you tell them apart from other digital automotive shoppers? On average, we found they have:

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• 43 percent more page views • 90 percent more time on site • 52 percent more inventory searches • 62 percent more vehicle views

Likely Buyers leave their digital tracks in many places. A range of different signals determine their intent to buy, including; vehicle page views, brand site visits, models considered on dealer’s websites and car research sites including Edmunds, CarGurus, KBB, the OEM sites as well as dozens of auto-related ad network partners such as Amazon, Google and Facebook.

While your shoppers are jumping around the web - do you track their actions and turn the data into valuable insights you can use to help target your most Likely Buyers? Take advantage of a data ecosystem that plugs into a variety of different sites and pulls together the information you need to determine which customers are most likely to convert.

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Max Steckler
Max Steckler

Max Steckler is the Vice President of Products at CDK Global. He has a knack for identifying disruptive business opportunities and then -- with the great people around him -- successfully bringing them to market. A thought leader with extensive product leadership experience within the SaaS industry, he excels in guiding the creation, launch and growth of large, profitable products, business lines and strategic partnerships.