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Ryan Bertollini
| 12/04/2019

Google’s Latest Update and What it Means for You

Google updated their BERT algorithm and you can take advantage of it. 

This past October, Google updated the way they analyze search queries in the hopes of better understanding the context of a user’s question. This update will affect about 10 percent of searches and reflects the importance of voice searches. 

We spoke with Ryan “Bert” Bertollini, earned marketing lead analyst, about Google’s recent BERT algorithm update and how you can benefit from the changes.


So what’s the deal with BERT?
BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is an update to Google’s search algorithm that better enables search engines to understand the context of searches with more than three words. This reflects the growing importance of voice searches through customers' mobile devices as we move away from typed sentence fragments towards full sentences.

Though Google is extremely intuitive, their hope with this update is to be able to better answer pertinent questions. This will ideally give people the answers they’re looking for a whole lot faster.


How will this affect my business?
Let’s say a person wants to buy a new truck. They want something with power and room to fit all of their outdoor equipment. A few years ago, a user would have had to have a general idea of makes and models that were out there through other media types in order to find the features they wanted.

Now, they can describe what they're looking for in a simple voice search: "Alexa, I want to find a fast and powerful truck with enough room for my fishing gear."

Google will serve up a variety of truck models from different OEMs that have on-page content that talks about power, speed, and room, and may even serve content that talks about outdoor activities like fishing.

So now more than ever a dealer's site has to be optimized with the appropriate model features and details. A well-optimized model page is now more likely to show up as useful for in-depth searches.

The goal for dealer websites is to be helpful, have useful content, and be unique. Think of it as though someone has asked you a question—you want to give a useful, detailed answer.


Who’s positioned to take advantage of this update?
The CDK Global platform is capable of implementing these changes quickly due to our structured data’s ability to read content and serve it up to Google. Within all that data there are base-level facts that can really help tell the story of your inventory.

Another thing that helps us stand apart is our team of knowledgeable SEO analysts. Their expertise allows us to take on the challenges and opportunities that face dealerships like yours and help you stay ahead of the game.


If you have questions about Google’s search updates, talk to your PowerSEO analyst or a Digital Account Executive.
If you don’t have one yet, email for more information.

Ryan Bertollini
Ryan Bertollini

RYAN BERTOLLINI is the Earned Marketing Lead Analyst at CDK Global and specializes in local, regional and national search campaign strategies. With over 8 years of experience in building digital brand awareness for business models that range from startups to enterprise dealership groups, Ryan focuses on driving solutions that deliver results.