by CDK Global | 03/27/2015

Driving the Car Shopper Experience with Personalized Content

It was once thought that casting a wide net to reach a broad audience was enough to attract consumers to your business. If you’re targeting a large audience, surely a good percentage of those shoppers will be interested in your brand, right?

Not exactly.

Monetate InforgraphicsAccording to a recent survey by Monetate, 64% of consumers believe it’s important that companies present them with relevant content. What’s more, 85% know that websites track their online shopping behavior, but acknowledge that tracking enables businesses to deliver content that matches their interests. This is a good thing!

In other words, consumers are very aware that they’re being retargeted with ads and contextual content but most of them are cool with it, because the content is relevant to their interests and provides a better online experience.

A good strategy to win consumers over is to use a personalized approach? in your digital strategy. Consumers are short on time these days and information is now readily accessible in real time.

The days of waiting for a page to load or having to search through a website for specific information is over. Consumers are now getting accustomed to personalized experiences when shopping online and your dealership website should offer no less.


Target Your Customers to Maximize Your $’s


Remember, it doesn’t matter how compelling your content is – if you’re not reaching the right customers with the right product at the right time, your digital marketing dollars aren’t being maximized. Creating a personalized shopping experience draws customers into your site and brings them closer to the sale.

target customer

Retailers have now evolved their strategy and determined that targeted content delivers higher ROI. In fact, 35% of Amazon product sales are generated by its ‘recommendation engine.’ By knowing what the customer likes, the website is able to “recommend” relevant products and increase the likelihood to purchase.

target customerIf we know a consumer is looking for a new midsize sedan, he should be able to find one quickly on your site without having to filter through all the other segments first. As you know, time is money and you want to make sure you’re serving relevant content to consumers in a timely fashion.

Is your dealership website personalized?

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