Chris Cunnigham
| 12/06/2017

A Dealership’s Playbook for Advertising on Facebook

The best teams don’t come to the game unprepared—the coaches strategize, create plays, and practice them with their teams. Finding a game-time strategy for your dealership’s advertising on Facebook is no different. Sure, some individuals are naturally talented and can wing it during the game, but it’s not a method for consistent success —especially when it involves the greater team. Similarly, you might have a social media star who starts posting content and it performs well, but the best playbook for success includes strategizing with the team to drive greater results for your dealership.

But with so many social channels, why all the focus on Facebook? First, the platform has shown that it is intentionally investing in the automotive market. The company recently announced that it is expanding its Marketplace product to better support a dealer’s ability to post their used inventory for consumers to shop. In May, 18 million unique listings were created on Marketplace – and that number continues to grow. While Facebook’s investment in Marketplace is new, it’s no secret that they’ve long been investing in advertising to their massive user base. Facebook has more than 20 billion daily active users. And with an average cost per click of $1.72, advertising on Facebook is something dealerships can’t ignore.

  • 1. Promoted Pages and Boosted Posts

    Naturally, your strategy should start with your Facebook page. Begin by promoting your page to encourage people to “like” your page. This means that your posts will have a higher likelihood of being delivered to them at a lower cost to you in the future. When you post to your page, use the “boost” tool to further target your audience and reach customers outside of those who have previously liked your page. Even the smallest of budgets can give you added visibility and drive returns for your dealership.

  • 2. Listing Used Inventory on Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook’s recent expansion of Marketplace means that you now have the ability to post inventory to the tool. You should make sure that you have listed your used inventory on Marketplace. In addition, ensure your Facebook page is connected to a chat provider. CDK Global has seen chat interactions containing typical lead characteristics (phone or email) more than 40 percent of the time.

  • 3. Facebook Advertising

    As you evolve your strategy and start to incorporate paid advertising on Facebook, it’s important to take advantage of all the data you have at your fingertips. Connect your DMS and website data to your Facebook advertising and you’ll see your advertising really take off. Target your advertising based on different actions both your known and potential customers are taking. This helps place your inventory in front of shoppers that have recently visited your website, are coming off of a lease or likely to buy.

If your dealership isn’t already taking advantage of the power of Facebook, follow our “playbook” to put your dealership on the podium.
Want help tailoring your strategy? Talk to one of our ProCare team members. If you’re a GM dealer, select CDK Global as your SFE provider.

Chris Cunnigham
Chris Cunnigham

Chris is a dedicated digital marketer with over a decade of experience in Earned Media solutions in the automotive space. He is a natural problem solver focused on driving as much quality traffic to a dealer’s business.
In his spare time, Chris loves spending time with family, being outdoors, playing competitive sports or cheering on his beloved Seattle sports teams!