Amazon Alexa
by CDK Global | 08/10/2018

Can 'Alexa' Find Your Dealership? Now It Can!

This week, CDK Earned Media partner Yext announced a global integration with Amazon that will give businesses control over the answers Alexa provides about them.

With this new relationship, consumers using Alexa for voice search can receive the most up-to-date facts about businesses locations, contact information, hours of operation, and more straight from the business itself.

Currently, one in five shoppers use voice search through Alexa, Siri or other forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) each month. According to forecasts, by 2020 more than half of searches will be by voice.

How does this affect your dealership and how customers find you? Until now, the answer was not an easy one.

One of the biggest struggles in voice search was controlling the source of truth the AI uses. If you've searched for your dealership through Alexa or Siri, chances are that it may have given you an incorrect name, address or hours of business. Or even worse, it may have answered with information about a competing dealership.

Yext customers will find Alexa in the Yext Knowledge Network (formerly the Yext PowerListings Network), and their digital knowledge will sync automatically.

This is the first time we have a look into what an AI engine will use as the source of truth. More important than that, businesses will now have a chance to directly control what information Alexa shares as an answer.

At CDK Global, we decided to put this new partnership to the test. As you see from the video, we asked Alexa the address for a dealer before and after this Amazon/Yext partnership took effect. After less than a week, Alexa was able to not only find the correct dealership, but it also provided the right phone number and hours for the dealership.

For a dealership, having direct control over what Alexa uses for information makes directory management even more critical. Additionally, if you are using a local call tracking number in your business listings, you can track how many times people use Alexa to call your dealership.

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