Dane Odden
| 01/08/2016

The Big Game: How Your Dealership Can Win

The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event of the year. With a TV audience of over 100 million viewers1, Super Bowl advertisements drive immediate increases in online shopping activity. This presents a huge opportunity for dealers to engage with customers online, and ultimately drive more traffic to their website.
Above is a chart of CDK dealer website activity for four brands that participated in the 2015 Super Bowl with either a TV ad or sponsorship. Each circle indicates when an ad aired or a brand received a sponsorship mention and shows the immediate impact on website traffic. 2
But what if your brand is not advertising in the Super Bowl? Even if your brand is not running their own ads, Super Bowl ads create a trickle-down effect on the entire industry. Consider this: 73% of consumers cross-shop between brands while researching a vehicle purchase, and only 20% of consumers purchase the brand they originally had in mind.3 Therefore, though brand X may advertise during the third quarter of the game, brands Y and Z also stand to benefit from the increased vehicle interest and subsequent research.
But all of that brand hype can only go so far. Consumers are primed to buy, but how will you ensure they buy from you?
1. Bump up your advertising budget
In 2015, dealers with CDK advertising saw a 5X increase in website traffic on Super Bowl Sunday, versus a 3X lift for dealers not advertising with CDK.4 Consider increasing your advertising budget to not just maintain visibility, but capture more than your share of additional website traffic in your market. 2. Create a Super Bowl promotional campaign
Utilizing high-quality ad creative with a “Big Game” theme can help you capitalize on Super Bowl buzz. Come up with your own idea, or leverage your CDK team to design custom campaign creative. 3. Make the most of it
Make sure your landing pages and website are prepared to convert the new window shoppers into serious buyers. Landing pages should be updated with promotional offers and details — along with reasons to purchase from your dealership. 54% of shoppers will buy from a dealership based on the shopping experience rather than lowest price5 — this is your chance to convince them you’re the dealership of choice.

Now that you’re prepared, you can sit back, relax, enjoy the game (and the ads)!

Sources: 1. 100 Million Viewers: “TV viewership of the Super Bowl in the United States from 1990 to 2015”, 2. Graph: CDK Business Intelligence, February 2015 3. 73% cross-shop & 20% purchase: Google Think Insights, Constant Consideration: Brand Choice on the Path to Vehicle Purchase 4. 5X and 3X increase: CDK Business Intelligence, February 2015 54% buy from dealership: Autotrader Car Buyer of the Future Study, March 2015
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Dane Odden
Dane Odden

Dane Odden is a digital advertising expert at CDK. He’s worked with dealers and dealer groups for years to build and execute winning digital strategies. In his free time, Dane enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and son. Throughout the year you can find them on area hiking trails, ski slopes, golf courses, and baseball fields.