Jim Foote
| 08/25/2016

Beware the Digital Trail: How to Protect Your Customer’s Data

Bluetooth is a great invention. I love being able to make hands-free phone calls when I’m in my car. But more often than not, I leave a digital trail behind when I forget to delete my phone from the car’s Bluetooth.

You might be getting more than just a car when you accept a trade-in. What about the digital trail the previous owner left behind? When you take in a trade or buy a vehicle at auction, you likely have an efficient, effective process to get it through reconditioning or make ready and get it out on your lot, but are you skipping a digital step?

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Jim Foote
Jim Foote

Jim Foote is the Chief Business Security Officer at CDK Global and a recognized thought-leader in retail automotive information security. He has 25 years of high tech experience and expertise. Jim has been the driving force behind many changes within CDK and throughout the automotive retail industry.