by CDK Global | 21 April 2016

Are Shoppers Ready to Buy Cars Online?

In this day and age, car buyers want their path to purchase to be simple and stress-free. Unfortunately, for many shoppers, the car-buying process can turn out to be just the opposite. However, as technology continues to be more in tune with what shoppers want, the car buying process can too. But are shoppers ready to take one of the biggest purchasing decisions they’ll make completely online? Not quite. But they are ready to take a few steps closer … Connected Store Infographic

Featured Solution

CDK Connected Store

With CDK Connected Store, car buyers are able to start their quotes online and can save time in store by eliminating the need to provide information more than once—making the process more streamlined for customers and personnel.

Connect your customers' in-store experience and online experience with a flexible time-saving tool that delivers accurate quotes online and matches them in-store.