7 Tips for Better Automotive Advertising
by CDK Global | 08/31/2019

7 Tips for Better Automotive Advertising

From the CDK Advertising Team

Your digital marketing strategy is constantly evolving and changing. If you don’t nurture and adjust your strategy, you could miss out on opportunities or spend money on channels that don’t yield the best results.

Our Digital Advertising Analysts are here to help. They’ll pay attention to your strategies and help you make the most of every dollar. Here are their best tips for keeping your advertising fresh and driving leads.

1. Try something new.
I recommend a new creative strategy idea to the dealer at least once per quarter. This could include mapping out where a dealer’s impressions and clicks have come from over the past six months, reviewing buzzwords in our ad copy or getting more creative with our display, retargeting or social media ads. — Sean Morton
2. Go big in retargeting. 
Run a high concentration of budget in retargeting, with model campaigns running and scrolling inventory ads, featuring models specific to each campaign. This strategy typically drives high engagement from lower-funnel shoppers. — Danielle Drayer
3. Facebook is not a thing of the future, it’s a thing of the present!
Incorporate Facebook heavily into your marketing mix while it’s still semi-inexpensive. Through Facebook you can retarget shoppers from your website, find auto-intenders and utilize your DMS data.  The time is now or never.  Choose now! — Garrett Keeler
4. It’s not all about the bottom of the funnel. 
Low-funnel traffic converts the highest, but focusing on it too much can silo your budget into a reaction-based strategy. We have to break the habit of relying on traditional media or banner ads for brand awareness. When reviewing your marketing budget, consider affordable channels like online video advertising or online audio streaming.  A well-rounded strategy will keep your marketing funnel full of likely buyers and help you meet your sales goals. — Kami Kingman
5. You can attract credit-challenged  shoppers without the high CPC.
Keywords like “bad credit auto loans” have an astronomically high cost-per-click (CPC), so many dealers know that it isn’t cost-effective to include these terms in their paid search strategy. Instead, I recommend handling special finance with a Sitelink. Creating an ad extension to a Special Finance page allows you to broadcast that credit-challenged shoppers are welcome. If you prefer to run this message only for used vehicles or specific models, it’s easy to set up the Sitelink at the ad group or campaign level. Google will sometimes grant an “Approved Limited” status to these ad extensions, but they still run with very high frequency and provide a lot of value to dealers. — Michelle Miller
6. Always focus on your brand. 
Make sure you’re dominating the digital space. If you ‘re on a budget, the most important keywords and campaigns to go after are branding. Even if you’re a well-known dealership, you always want to protect your brand and maintain a customer’s brand loyalty. — Alexis Monahan
7. Better insights lead to better results. 
Don’t hesitate to keep peeling back the layers of your data.  You can start with something as simple as the number of visits generated from an advertising campaign.  From there, you can get insights into the devices that were used to engage with your ads, ZIP codes that provided the most engagement, the ad copy that users engaged with and demographic (age, gender, income, etc.) information.  All of these data points can help you better focus your advertising and reach your intended audience. — Tony Downs