3 December 2019

Websites: Duplicate Page for Faster Creation

Save time and effort when creating new pages by duplicating an existing page.
  • Find existing landing page with desired layout
  • Copy the Page
    • From Page List
      • Find the page in the page list
      • Click the Copy Icon
        Dup 1 copy icon
    • From Page Layout
      • Click the page from the Page list
      • Click the Layout button
      • Click the "Copy Icon" in the Page Options section
        Dup 1 copy icon
    • Name the new page
      Dup 1 copy icon

All cards will be copied to the new page along with the layout, style, and configurations from the original page.
Content records will not be copied to the new page - allowing for unique content to be added to the new page.
Any Prebuilt Content Blocks on the original page will be copied completely to the new duplicate page.

How-To Video: https://cdkglobal.wistia.com/medias/1w8kha5djn