This update allows you more customized control over the way your website looks and works, while also providing shoppers with a key shopping tool they need as they move closer to a decision on which of your cars they’re going to drive home. This features allows an additional degree of customization for your websites, by allowing you to decide where the Compare Car pop-up appears on a user’s screen. You can choose between a default setting and six options: top left, center or right, or bottom left, center or right. Learn More
When you’re running a special – a discount or lease offer, or maybe special financing – you want to make sure potential shoppers know about it. That’s why we’ve added a new feature that allows you to add special offers to your specials rotator, so you can put those offers front and center on your home page, or on a key landing page. This feature of the specials rotator can be used to highlight specific kinds of offers, such as lease deals, finance offers or discounts. Learn More

You’ve got a great inventory of new and used vehicles. Most of your customers have a price point they want to stay under. We’ve made it easier for them to search your inventory by adding a Max Price field in the Inventory Search card. Learn More

Focus on the offers you want to see! View Inventory Specials or Service/Parts Specials in their own sections.

Service and Parts Specials have been moved to their own section separate from Inventory specials. Click on the new Service & Parts tab to view those specific offers.

Learn More

When a dealer purchases Social Suite they will now have the option to have us turn on Facebook Marketplace listings at no additional charge. This will push the dealer’s Used Inventory to Facebook Marketplace daily and give the dealer access to a portal where they can view the status of each VIN. Learn More