4 November 2019

Websites: CDK Expanded Blog Functionality

Did you know you have a blog incorporated into your website? The blog is a great tool to showcase your dealership.

CDK Website Blog provides:

  • Easy familiar experience: create blog entries within the same Editor tab used to create website landing pages

    Blog Save as

    Blog Page Type

    Blog Content Card
  • Quickly create + edit: manage blog content directly on Editor tab or your Content Library. Blogs are stored in the dealer’s Content Library for future use

    Blog Haunted Blog
  • Add multiple images + video: improve the shopping experiences - add multiple images and video to a single blog entry, and use the robust styling tools of the Editor to differentiate content

    Blog Images
  • Proven styling + design options: same tools used to create eye-catching Web pages extend to create Blogs / Blog listing pages to align with brand, seasonal designs, etc.

    Haunted Blog Prod
  • Website integration: add supplemental cards relevant to a blog content to make each blog unique and to drive clicks to other key areas of the dealer’s website
  • Time-stamps for the future: create and schedule a post for a future date, including an editable time-stamp

    Publish Date

Your CDK Blog content including: images, blog entries, URLs, first-publish date(s), meta-content and more are safely stored within your website Content Library – so you can enjoy a single place to create, edit and manage all your blog AND your website content.

Your blogging experience is a BIG time, convenience and productivity gain for your dealership.

For questions on the blog, connect with a member of your CDK team.