4 November 2019

Websites: Blog Migration

CDK brings to life more design options to create eye-catching dealer blogs

Create standout blog entries to engage more shoppers with eye-popping design and content options — and improve your dealership visibility in Google results

Your blog will soon be part of Website Manager.


By moving the blogging experience to Website Manager, you can now:

  • engage more in-market shoppers by taking advantage of new design features to create standout blog entries
  • grow the digital efficiency of your dealership

What is changing?

We are migrating your existing blog content including: images, URLs, accurate first-publish date(s), meta-content and more to the dealer's Content Library. Your blog entries (past, present and future) will be stored within your Content Library — so you have fast, secure access to create, edit and manage all your blog content.

After a blog has moved to its new home, you can access your new blogging experience on the Editor tab within Website Manager*.

What do I need to do?

Please log into Website Manager and within the Editor tab, click "Quick Actions" (right-hand side), scroll down and click "Publish Website". Also within "Quick Actions", next click "Publish Settings". By publishing both your website and settings you will activate your newly moved blog and complete the migration of your blog content to be available on your website.

View the training video for detailed information on your new blogging experience.

Blog Migration

If you have CDK Power Social or Premium Managed Social your CDK Social Specialist will write and publish one blog post per month for the dealer's website — taking advantage of the newly added design functionality.

Learn more about CDK expanded blog functionality.

If you have questions on the blogging experience, connect with a member of your CDK team.

*After the blogging experience has moved to Website Manager, the blog can no longer be accessed from the SEO tab of Website Manager.