Performance Consulting for GM, powered by CDK for GM Dealers

As a GM dealership, you know meeting your goals is a vital part of your success. That’s why CDK Performance Consulting helps chart a course that accelerates business results and aligns people, processes, data and technology with outcomes that matter.

Consulting – Business Development Culture GM
Achieves GM-defined service and retention targets

CDK Performance Consulting for GM is designed to meet your unique conformance objectives

Improves parts purchase growth

Find ways to help you improve the performance components of your Service operations

Improves CSI and MPVI scores

Training modules help you keep your entire dealership moving toward the goals that have been set for you.

Performance Consulting Powered by CDK Global for GM Dealers

Our industry-leading consultants dive deep into your business and help you align people, processes, data and technology with measured outcomes. Every engagement is designed to meet set objectives that are tailored to your business’ needs.

Drive Profitability

Consultants establish appointment-based sales/service models for your dealership

Improve Results

Predictable results are lower turnover, increased CSI/retention, and productivity

Track Your Progress

Key metrics show progress and maintain accountability to dealership processes

Maximize Your ROI

Consulting process that will help leverage existing technology and resources to maximize your ROI

How Performance Consulting helps grow your business in three steps
Performance Consulting Enrollment

When you enroll in the CDK Performance Consulting for GM dealerships you’ll have access to numerous business solutions and seminars – all designed to help you grow.

Consulting Optimization coach introduction

Receive guidance and attend workshops that will help you and your employees achieve the goals your dealership needs to meet.

Store Launch

After a week of in-dealership or virtual consultation you’ll be ready to put some of what you’ve learned into practice with the help of your coach.

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