Construction OEM Communications

Consistent and reliable vendor connections are made easy with CDK’s manufacturer interfaces.

Stop Duplicating Work
Stop Duplicating Work
Reduce costs and free up staff time.
Better Reporting
Better Reporting
It’s easier than ever to report back to OEMs.
Streamline Operations
Streamline Operations
One system streamlines parts surplus returns, direct deposits, and payroll reporting.
OEM Communications Features
Your construction equipment dealership relies on the transfer of data to and from suppliers. But that shouldn’t consume great quantities of time and effort. CDK’s communications interfaces help by taking the guesswork out of vendor communications.
Range of Interfaces
OEM Communications provides interface integrations with most major OEMs. Contact us to see if we integrate with your brand.
Electronic Parts Catalogue Software
Choose a list of parts for a customer, insert the numbers into an invoice. Transfer parts orders to your suppliers effortlessly through the system.
Financial Controls
A single location for handling direct deposits, parts surplus returns, credit card interactions, parts and equipment location, and payroll reporting.
Custom OEM Integrations
Many integrations work effectively with multiple OEMs. Others have been custom-built to integrate with key manufacturers including John Deere, Komatsu, Bobcat, Honda, Volvo, Kubota, and more.

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