Mobile Solutions for Construction Equipment Dealers

Modern Dealer Operations Require End-to-End Connectivity.  

Construction equipment dealers know that 24/7 communications, whether on the road or behind a desk, are critical to a successful dealership. Our suite of on-the-go tools and applications help keep you and your business moving.

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  • Empower Your Team From Anywhere
  • Empower Your Team From Anywhere

    Business doesn’t stop when your staff is in the field and not typing away at a desk. Equip your techs and frontline employees with the mobile tools they need to effectively complete tasks, streamline operations, and save time on data entry. 

  • Get Real-Time Intelligence
  • Get Real-Time Intelligence

    When data comes in slowly from the field or warehouse, it may no longer be relevant by the time it gets to you. From financial and rental fleet records to parts and service, our mobile app provides you with access to everything you need - the moment you need it. 

  • Provide Superior Service
  • Provide Superior Service

    Whatever job the customer takes on, it’s your job to provide the support and equipment they need to make it happen. And it’s our job to ensure you have the tools in place to do so. With CDK’s mobile automation, self-service tools, and knowledge-sharing capabilities, you get the capability to provide great service. 

    Why Mobile Capabilities?

    Service, parts inventory, and rental equipment are important to the profitability of any construction equipment dealership. But traveling staff, dispersed customers, and fluctuating inventory make it challenging to keep everything running smoothly. Mobile solutions add value to the organization by helping to streamline operations, manage departments, and enable business to be done from anywhere.

    Equip your construction equipment dealership with mobile solutions if you need help with:


    • Communicating effectively with employees and customers

    • Productivity challenges in your service department

    • Boosting the performance of your sales team

    • Developing a customer self-service offering

    • Using inventory data to make your dealership more efficient

    • Accessing key financial information in the field

    • Streamlining the way you operate

    • Turning rental data into actionable insights

    • Optimizing used equipment for resale

    Choosing Mobile Solutions for Construction
    If your mobile solutions don’t work well with your DMS, they may be less reliable and create as many problems as they solve. CDK mobile solutions are designed to work seamlessly with our construction DMS, IntelliDealer™.
    Mobility should never compromise security. CDK is the only company in the industry to use Tier IV data centers maintained under stringent security standards.
    When you’re on the road, it’s important you understand how to use the mobile capabilities you’re taking with you. CDK gives you access to training that lets you make the absolute most of all our solutions.