Construction DMS

A quality construction DMS gives construction dealerships complete control.

Regulatory, economic, and competitive challenges are more easily met when the proper technology is in place. Choosing the right tools can help your dealership remove productivity barriers, get insights in real-time, and grow profits.

We’ve gained new functionality, convenience and improved workflows with this DMS.
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Benefits of a Quality Construction DMS
Benefits of a Quality Construction DMS
  • Maximize Your Revenues
  • Maximize Your Revenues

    A quality construction DMS shows you the big picture of how your business is performing, but can also zoom in on the finest details. Access to this information helps dealers make better-informed business decisions, cut costs and waste, see opportunities, and grow more profitable.

  • Boost Productivity
  • Boost Productivity

    Our solutions help to streamline your task management and scheduling workflows, so you can run your dealership efficiently. 

  • Get Real-Time Insights
  • Get Real-Time Insights

    Your customers succeed by understanding conditions on the ground, and your dealership is no different. Reporting should happen in real-time, so no matter where you are, you can track your dealership’s performance to address issues before they become major problems.

    Why Use a DMS for Your Construction Equipment Dealership?

    Selling heavy equipment—from excavators and cranes to mixers—requires trust from your customers. If they win a big contract and you’re not up to the job, neither are they. But most dealers find it challenging to manage unit sales, rental, service, and parts simultaneously to deliver for their customers while staying profitable themselves.


    A quality construction DMS can help if your dealership is struggling with:


    • Understanding what really matters in your data

    • Knowing who your most profitable customers really are

    • Getting financial information before it’s too late to act on

    • Finding the parts your customers need

    • Managing the parts inventory you have

    • Getting more out of your service department

    • Staying on top of expiring warranties and inventory turnover

    • Managing and growing key customer accounts

    • Aligning with environmental standards

    • Handling rental fleets effectively

    • Reselling used/rented equipment in a timely fashion

    • Tailoring services to individual contractors or on a by-the-job basis

    Choosing a Construction DMS
    If your DMS doesn’t work well with other systems, you might find yourself re-entering data—defeating the purpose of investing in software in the first place. That’s why you need a partner, like CDK, that will work closely with you on the integration challenge.
    Mobile Experience
    You can’t put running your dealership on hold while you travel. CDK builds advanced mobile applications so you’re informed and empowered no matter where you are.
    It’s not just your business-critical data on a DMS—it’s your customers’, suppliers’, and OEM’s. CDK deploys Tier IV data centers to back our systems and offers a cloud-based SaaS DMS, so you can keep your data under strict security.
    A DMS is a business tool, and your staff need to learn how to use it to streamline your business. CDK provides outstanding training, both during onboarding and whenever you need it through CDK University.

    Helping dealerships thrive

    At CDK Global, we build the tools dealerships need to grow and succeed. We provide DMS and other integrated technology solutions to over 28,000 Auto, Truck, Motorcycle, Marine, Recreational and Heavy Equipment dealers around the world. Since day one, we’ve been in it for the dealer — your success is what motivates us to do what we do.

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