Digital Advertising

Equip your business with smart marketing tools that are proven to sell more cars. Our AI-driven advertising technology increases performance and delivers more results that matter to you.


Win Key Moments

Identify and reach likely buyers, then convert them into customers.

Find Insights

We reach auto shoppers in the right places, at the right time – balancing great reach and premium placement.

Drive Value

Amplify your unique message with high-quality, professional advertising creative.

Because our dealership is located in a mountainous region, the Colorado Z71 is a popular model. Our inventory had built up, so we shifted our focus to the Colorado Z71 for the month. CDK made sure that all our digital assets (website, social and ads) were aligned with that model and continuously optimized the digital advertising spend. Our sales more than doubled - and we almost ran out of inventory.
Kristy Elliott
Principal, Sunshine Chevrolet
Why CDK Digital Advertising?

Our expert strategists, proprietary technology, premium media placements and agency-grade creative work together to deliver real results. Get powerful digital advertising that maximizes your budget with true cross-channel solutions backed by AI-driven technology.

CDK Digital Agency

The CDK Digital Agency offers a powerful combination of real experts and industry-leading data, technology, and solutions. Consult with us for all of your digital advertising needs, so you can turn more shoppers into buyers and keep your dealer group in the spotlight.


Our automated cross channel optimization technology continuously adjusts your spend across channels in real time, focusing on the ones that are working to maximize your budget and your business success.

Certified AnalystsIcon
Certified Analysts

CDK analysts are dedicated to your account and focused on you, helping your team find success through real insights and strategy. Get hands-on support for targeting, keyword search, ad placement, strategy refinement and more.

CDK Customer Cloud
CDK Customer Cloud

There are shoppers, and there are likely buyers. Our technology knows the difference. The CDK Customer Cloud tracks multiple databases to create your likely buyer profile for hyperlocal targeting.


Online shopper behavior is constantly changing. But we stay ahead of the changes with our AI-driven, cross-channel platform. We assess performance across advertising channels to determine the most impactful place for your investment, while also recognizing shifts in shopper behavior. Our platform then makes an average of 147 million daily optimizations to secure dealers the best cost per outcome for their advertising investment – a task not possible by humans alone. This smart technology allows the advertising expert supporting your business to stay focused on campaign strategy and ahead of your competition, so you can move more cars.

Dealers using Cross-channel Optimization (CCO) AI to optimize their advertising see significant increases in performance:

  • 7% more website visits
  • 52% more leads
  • 54% more VDP views


Our AI-driven bidding technology optimizes performance 24/7:


  • Moves budget across channels to find most engaged shoppers at highest ROI
  • Manages bids and budgets in real-time
  • Uses signals of past performance and predictive analytics to determine budget allocation
  • Gives the freedom to get the best deal anywhere for your budget
  • Maximizes performance based on your needs, whether new, used or service.
Results show that dealers who choose CDK Digital Advertising win big.
maximum performance
Dealers who use CDK Cross Channel Optimization with CDK Digital Advertising see 52% more leads.
Dealers who have CDK Digital Advertising, a CDK Website and a CDK DMS hold 40% more gross than dealers with a CDK DMS that do not use CDK Digital Advertising.
Dealers who use CDK Cross Channel Optimization with CDK Digital Advertising see 54% more VDP views.
Dealers who have CDK Digital Advertising, a CDK Website and a CDK DMS get a 13% higher selling price than dealers with a CDK DMS that do not use CDK Digital Advertising.
Do More with Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising
  • Get Personal
  • Get Personal

    When you need guidance, nothing beats a human. Your Digital Advertising Analyst tailors your program and guides your decisions to manage it, with a will to win that matches yours.

  • Tailor to Your Budget
  • Tailor to Your Budget

    Need a smarter way to pinpoint where you should be allocating your advertising dollars? CDK has the AI technology designed for dealers that moves budgets across channels in real time based on shopper behavior and dealer strategy.

  • Stay Flexible
  • Stay Flexible

    Advertising success is the result of ongoing efforts to get seen and engage shoppers. With a holistic catalog of advertising solutions, your team will have everything it needs to perform.

    The Right Package for You

    Every dealership has its own goals and advertising needs. We offer flexible, transparent packages that showcase your brand and set you apart from the competition regardless of what type of website you have. With options for dealerships and dealer groups of all sizes, we can work with you to find the best fit for your business.  

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