AP Automation

By streamlining your accounts payable operations,
AP Automation helps you save time and money, and empowers your managers to be more accountable in everything they do.

Streamline Operations

Trim the fat on your AP processes for a more productive dealership.

Stay Flexible

Approve payments remotely, so you can maintain a productive workflow.

Grow Profits

Card rebates help you optimize cash and generate new revenue.

AP Automation* Features

Evolve your accounts payable and discover easier, more profitable transactions and cutting-edge remote functionality.
AP Automation is your dealership's next back-end asset.

Easy Data Transfer

Be more efficient by reducing the need for shipping or hand-carrying invoices. With AP Automation, transfer of accounts payable documents is a cinch.

Remote Payment Approval

Even when your managers are away from their desk, make sure they're equipped to stay productive.
AP Automation allows for payment approval from anywhere, so staying on top of financials is easier.

Simpler Invoices

Move invoices up the approval ladder in record time. Powered by Yooz, AP Automation processes, reads and retains vendor and company codes, making for smoother operations down the line.

Tools for Accountability

AP Automation indicates who approves what – and when. This allows for increased accountability in dealership operations, which is essential to a healthy dealership environment.

*AP Assist and Yooz are third-party solutions. AP Assist only provides integration of your CDK system to Nvoicepay and is not a stand-alone payment solution. Nvoicepay and Yooz are not CDK companies.

Do More With AP Automation
Do More With AP Automation
  • Take Back Your Time
  • Take Back Your Time

    AP Automation automates the time-consuming process of manually entering and processing data so you can significantly increase the volume of invoices processed in shorter timeframes.

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Efficiency

    Streamline AP processes like automatically capturing paper and electronic documents (invoices) and implementing a mobile workflow for vendor invoice approval.

  • Optimize Revenue Opportunities
  • Optimize Revenue Opportunities

    Generate new revenue through card rebates and take advantage of early payment discounts.

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